Learning from Jose: Where Are We Going?

Most dog owners know there are few things that get their pooch more excited than hearing the word “ride”.  Jose is no different– any time he sees me gathering my keys and putting on my shoes, he is prancing close to my side, just begging me to take him along.  The thing that I find […]

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Childhood Obesity & Divorce

A recent study by Norwegian researchers published in the BMJ Open (link) showed correlation between parental marital status and childhood obesity.  The researchers discovered that children of divorced parents had an 89% higher prevalence of abnormal obesity than children of married parents.  This trend was particularly true for boys. The researchers noted that this correlation doesn’t […]

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Waiting for Divorce

I was recently listening to John Tesh radio on a drive and the topic of couples who wait until their children go off to college to divorce came up and piqued my interest.  I have encountered many clients who recognize the trauma divorce can cause and the multitude of studies and “common knowledge” showing that […]

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Lessons in Forgiveness

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Louis B. Smedes Divorce by its very nature lends to holding grudges, rehashing past ills, and fostering resentment.  So many people imprison themselves (often trapping their children) in these feelings, allowing them to escalate and consume all of their […]

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Announcing the Passage of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act!

We are so very excited to announce that the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) has been passed in Michigan!  We hope that this enactment will encourage the continued growth and development of Collaborative Practice, and increase awareness and access to couples going through divorce to choose this healthier process for dissolution. Our goal is to […]

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What It Takes for an Unfit Judge to Lose His Seat

Many people going through a divorce eagerly await their day in court.  They have grand visions of justice being served and of “winning” while their spouse “loses.”  What these people often do not consider is that in going to court, they are willingly giving up their power to make decisions for their own family and […]

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Food for Thought: Could Your Children Sue You For a Bad Divorce?

The story of Rachel Canning, the 18 year old New Jersey high school senior who sued her parents over college tuition and child support, made national headlines.  Though Canning dropped the suit after moving back in with her parents, the discussion surrounding the case provoked a good deal of thought, in that the topic of […]

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Avoiding Settlement Blunders with CDP Part IV: Emotions

This is the final post in the series about Potential Settlement Pitfalls and how the Collaborative Divorce Process is structured to better address these.  (See Part I here and Parts II & III here)  We will talk about Pitfall 4: Letting Emotions Rule I think this is the most important issue in divorce and the […]

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Avoiding Settlement Pitfalls with CDP Parts II & III: Finances

Pitfall 2: Ignoring the Tax Implications & Pitfall 3: Not Gaining a Full Financial Picture For many couples, there is an imbalance of financial power and knowledge.  Many of my clients go into a panic mode when we first begin discussing assets, as they grasp how much knowledge they are missing in terms of what […]

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Avoiding Settlement Blunders with the Collaborative Divorce Process (CDP) Part I– Trial

I so often wish that the couples we work with in the Collaborative Divorce Process could see themselves in a parallel universe going through litigation so they could fully grasp the scope of what a huge difference CDP makes. An article written by CNBC writer Elizabeth MacBride entitled Avoid Divorce Settlement Blunders seeks to address […]

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